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Exhibit rules

The collection:

Your collection must be on A4 format paper sheets (portrait orientation), as it would be put in panels of 16 sheets (4 rows and 4 columns).
Any number of panels will be accepted.
Scan each sheet (complet sheet, please) using 200 dpi (minimum resolution), and save it (jpg file).
The files must be named in sequence and put in a CD. Use 3 digit numbers to name the files.
001.jpg is the first sheet of the collection.
017.jpg will be the first sheet of the second panel.

How to join:

Send your collection images CD to:

Milton Milazzo Jr
Rua Frei Caneca 210 ap 805 - Agronômica
Florianópolis, SC

If you want, write down personal data and collection comments to be published.

Please include this authorization declaration.

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